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Specialized Student Housing

     Rental properties tailored to the needs of the Miami student can be found here.  Unique leasing opportunities with school dates, regulations, and funding kept in mind.

     Miami University students are the heart of College Property Management.  Student needs are carefully considered in our process.

     If you have questions or are new to the rental process, we encourage you to contact our team for guidance.


     Visit our online lease guide for:

Lease Documents

New Lease Requirements

Lease Renewal Information


     List.  New clients are always welcome at College Property Management, commercial and single dwelling owners alike. 

     Buy or Sell.  Occasionally, our properties are available for purchase.  All purchase and selling inquiries are handled in cooperation with Kelly Umbstead through our sister company, Coldwell Banker College Real Estate.  More on Kelly is available through our about page, or to contact her now; please call, 513.523.2181



Properties for Singles and Families

     Families, singles, and other non-students should see our general community listings page.  Offerings for students often have requirements not necessary to the lease process for most community members.

     Parking, schooling, and entertainment are often considered when searching for a new home.

     Often specific needs require specific options.  Please contact our team for direct service tailored to your needs.

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